It seems natural that  aboriginals can pose now as the defenders of the environment, Sure, they have been living in these lands for 6,000 years and the damage to the lands was "minimal" . Of course, "minimal" must be taken with careful inspection. First, large or minimal damage is relative, aboriginal damage to the environment was very minimal if compared with the damage produced by the european settlers that came after.  However, the book "Sapiens" (by Yuval Noah Harari, 2014)  tell us that half of the large mamals that existed in the Americas and Australia dissapeared  exactly when the homo sapiens arrived there.  Nobody believe it was a coincidence, as it was not a coincidence that the other human species (Homo Erectus and Neantherthal, and others)  also dissapeared when Homo Sapiens arrived to their lands.  The idea that we breeded with them has very little base, as little as 5%,  as shown on the 5% DNA in our genes.  We eliminated them by "brutal" force.  Since Homo Sapiens "decided" to conquer this planet , nobody is safe. Now it seems, that not even us , the very same conquerors can be safe. Destroying our only habitat (planet Earth) shows perhaps that we are not in control of our destiny as we thought. Only the future will tell.  In the mean time I recommend this book to anybody with a curios mind and a thirst for answering the question "what are we ?, and how the hell did we get to here ?.    

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