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New GETI Group: Skill Sharing

We've started a new Skill Sharing group that is intended to enable people in the community to teach each other how to do things. We're thinking small, kitchen-table-sized events, for example canning tomatoes, making bird-houses or silk-screening, not structure-building or…


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Wanted: One Forever Farm

There is a disconnect.

On the one hand, there are many people - more and more all the time, it seems - who want to farm. Small-scale, local, organic, sustainable - many people have this dream.

I think the dream is also about having "real" work, work that makes your muscles tired at the end of the day, work that connects you to community and to nature.

Not that I…


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Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition is now 'HUB: Your Cycling Connection'

It's the Year of the Bike in Metro Vancouver, and the VACC celebrated yesterday in Vancouver with the Year of the Bike Party and the unveiling of its new name and logo. We're now called 'HUB: Your Cycling Connection'. It's HUB's mission to make cycling an attractive choice for everyone.

This is our new logo:…


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New blog post up - growing Shiitake Mushrooms in bags!

Check out our newest blog post at The Farm for Life Project.

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New Years Resolutions

New Farm for Life blog post up! Read it here:

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December GETI display at Maple Ridge library

Hi Everyone!

GETI has been offered one of the glass display cases in the entrance of the MR library for the month of December and we're looking for GETI-related material to fill it with! If you're part of an action group, hosting an upcoming event or if you have some general transition town items (books, etc), please let us know so we can include them in the case (you'll get your items back).

The dimensions of the case are approx. 4 ft high, 3 ft wide, 1…

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American Banking Association V.S Occupy Wall Street

This is an interesting letter from a lobbying firm to the American Bankers Association talking about strategic plans for dealing with OWS. Watch for these strategies to take shape as OWS continues to rally supporters.

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I know this is preaching to the choir but just thought I'd share for anyone who hasn't seen it. Especially for anyone interested in starting the Golden Ears Food Co-op.

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The Richmond Sharing Farm & Bokashi

Find out about the Richmond Sharing Farm and how to participate in permaculture tours and workshops on today's Farm For A Year blog post: The Richmond Sharing Farm &…


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Transition Discussion

Here is a great read, it looks into the lessons learned in other transition towns.


Happy Reading!

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Great article in Rolling Stone magazine by Al Gore on the state of the so called 'climate debate'

Climate of Denial

By Al Gore (Rolling Stone) - June 22, 2011

The first time I remember hearing the question “is it real?” was when I went as a young boy to see a traveling show put on by “professional wrestlers” one summer evening in the gym of the Forks River Elementary School in Elmwood, Tennessee.

The evidence that it was real was palpable: “They’re really hurting each other! That’s real blood! Look a’there! They can’t fake that!”…


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Gotta Start Somewhere

I (finally) added a new blog post. I promise to keep blogging regularly...I told some important people so the pressure is on!  Yes, you're important too!



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2nd Annual Vancouver De-Growth Conference

What2nd Annual Vancouver De-Growth Conference 

When: Friday, June 3, 2011 7:00 PM

Where: SFU Harbour Centre

515 West Hastings, room 1400 

Vancouver, BC

2nd Annual Vancouver De-Growth Conference reflects emerging global economic movement

 The second annual Vancouver De-Growth conference…


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Good Food, Bad Food!

Just saw the documentary " Good Food, Bad Food. It was an eye opener, it is refreshing that 

some bright people keep the old traditions alive!

Thank Goodness!


Sorry I have no link for it, I saw it on Shaw on Demand under Movie Central.

Check it out, it is French with English subtitles.


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This is good folks!

Please attend if you can! Should be an eye opener for sure!

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My new Blog "Literally Local"

I'm going to partake on a new activity. As if I need a new activity!   This, I am hoping, will help me to focus my energy somewhat by combining my desire to write with my goal to live sustainably.  I will post as often as possible, but please encourage me if you feel I have been neglecting my post! Also, please feel free to comment!  Thanks!




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Water Sustainability Act

For anyone who is interested in protecting BC's most valuable resource:

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New posts up on Farm for a Year!

Just wanted to let people know that we've added a number of new blog posts to, including photos and stories from our recent farm work party. Big thanks to the community members who came and helped out!

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